About us

About Us

We're here to redefine iGaming. One innovation at a time.

Crafting Experiences

Ace Alliance is dedicated to meticulously crafting experiences that transcend expectations. From the smallest details to the grandest elements, we curate moments for businesses and audiences that linger in memories.

Building Bridges

We recognise the profound impact of genuine connections. Building bridges is more than just networking; it's a commitment to creating enduring relationships. Our services create platforms for industry experts to forge meaningful bonds, bridging gaps and fostering lasting communities that last beyond the event itself.

Unifying Visions

Our philosophy extends beyond individual achievements. Unifying visions to succeed is about bringing diverse perspectives together, aligning goals, and collaborating towards shared success. By uniting visions, we create an environment where collective achievements propel everyone towards new heights.

Expertise and Industry Focus

Event Management

Our event management services bring professionals together by creating thoughtful experiences, organising memorable events, and overseeing everything from budgeting to sustainability.

Expo Management

From strategic conceptualization to sustainable practices, we craft engaging expos aligned with industry trends, offering enjoyable attendee journeys and ensuring seamless experiences for brands and visitors.

Videography and Photography

Capturing narratives and immortalising emotions, our skilled videographers and photographers elevate events with compelling highlight reels, promotional videos, interviews, and more, enhancing post-event engagement and brand visibility.

Booth Design

Elevating events through immersive experiences, our booth design services prioritise harmony, minimalism, elegance, and storytelling environments. By crafting narrative spaces that resonate, we amplify brand presence and create lasting impacts.

Booth Development

Through seamless project management, customisation expertise, and a fusion of creativity and technology, we create visually stunning, functionally flawless, and immersive experiences that captivate and endure.

Our Team

Barb Tasci
Chief Business Officer

What Sets Ace Alliance Apart

We distinguish ourselves through impactful collaborations and proven services, solidifying a unique identity that sets us apart in the industry.


  • Immersive experiences, thoughtful curation
  • Seamless journey, end-to-end oversight
  • Fusion of artistic vision and tech expertise
  • Thriving community with curated events
  • Transparent and collaborative communication
  • Abundant opportunities for networking and growth
  • Comprehensive support services for members
  • Unparalleled growth prospects and industry insights
  • Fostering collaborative and innovative atmosphere


  • Conventional displays, standard offerings
  • Lack of comprehensive project management
  • Lack of innovative technology integration
  • Limited community engagement opportunities
  • Communication may lack transparency
  • Limited networking initiatives
  • Limited or generic support offerings
  • Limited growth initiatives and insights
  • May lack emphasis on fostering collaboration

Client Testimonials

Seba Nader
Seba Nader

VP of Business Development at AngelsHub

Kudos to the organisers for putting together such a well-executed iGaming networking event. The calibre of attendees and the seamless networking opportunities made it a productive and enjoyable experience.

Nikola Tchakarov
Nikola Tchakarov

Director Market Expansion of Noda

I've attended numerous iGaming events, but this one stood out for its focused networking sessions. The quality of connections I made here surpassed my expectations. Truly a must-attend for anyone in the industry.

Lucie Kadlecova
Lucie Kadlecova

Chief Marketing Officer at Aviatrix

Thanks everyone for coming to the event and big shout out to Revpanda team for fantastic job🔝🔥👏

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