Olavivo is a top advertising network with a diverse portfolio of high-quality offers across many verticals. With a focus on delivering trending and converting offers, Olavivo empowers affiliates to maximise their earnings through innovative and global campaigns. Whether you are searching for lucrative opportunities with high-paying CPA deals or you are more interested in outstanding support, Olavivo is a good platform to start.

What Makes Olavivo an Ideal Business Partner?

Founded in 2017, Olavivo maintains its global presence with a solid position as a reputable marketing agency and affiliate network. They provide high-converting offers from hand-picked advertisers to ensure affiliates enjoy some of the most lucrative deals in different niches. This includes finance, crypto, sweepstakes, and lead generation verticals.

What sets Olavivo apart from other affiliate networks is its commitment to providing affiliates with a transparent and flexible platform. From numerous commission models to payment methods and cycles, affiliates are promised great freedom when using this platform. And the network doesn’t fall short of expectations, as many users applaud it for the quick payment schedules.

On the marketing front, Olavivo excels by offering affiliates access to a range of marketing tools, along with customised targeting and segmentation features for improved campaign outcomes. Additionally, they provide real-time analytics and an extensive knowledge base. Notably, affiliates benefit from a detailed blog with enough insights to assist them in effectively navigating the competitive landscape of affiliate marketing.

Furthermore, Olavivo places a strong emphasis on affiliate support, providing dedicated account managers and responsive customer service to help affiliates at every step of their journey. Their support is multilingual, ensuring affiliates enjoy the benefits of a truly global platform. Whether through email or phone, you can find the help they need.


Commission Models

Olavivo offers many commission models, including CPA (Cost Per Action), CPL (Cost Per Lead), RevShare (Revenue Share), CPM (Cost Per Mille), and CPS (Cost Per Sale).

Commission Rates

Olavivo does not offer a fixed rate. The payout is determined per affiliate by the dedicated managers. Affiliates can earn 5% referral commissions in the referral program.


The network specialises in various verticals such as finance, crypto, sweepstakes, lead generation, and more, catering to diverse audience interests.


Olavivo has over 10,000 affiliates in 125 countries. They provide their services in 16 different languages to accommodate diverse audience demographics.

Payment Methods

Affiliates can use multiple payment methods, including wire transfers, PayPal, Payoneer, and bank transfers.

Minimum Payout

The minimum payout threshold is $250. Payouts are only possible when affiliates have reached this amount.

Payment Frequency

Olavivo offers flexible payment cycles, with payouts typically processed on a monthly, bi-monthly or weekly basis.

Cookie Duration

The cookie duration in the Olavivo program is 90 days. The network has tracking software to accurately attribute conversions within this period to your referrals.

Affiliate Support Type

Olavivo offers dedicated affiliate managers to provide personalized assistance and guidance. Other support channels include email and phone.


What Products Can I Promote through Olavivo?

Olavivo focuses on promoting deals across various categories like finance, crypto, sweepstakes, and lead generation verticals. You can find suitable offers if you have an audience in such fields.

How Does Olavivo Handle Commissions?

Commission rates on Olavivo vary depending on the promoted product and can be based on a fixed amount or a percentage of the sale price. The referral commission is fixed at 5% Revshare.

Does Olavivo Offer Marketing Materials for Affiliates?

Yes, Olavivo provides affiliates with marketing materials like banners and widgets to simplify product promotion via your platform. These resources are usually free and are available to you after registration.

Are There Any Requirements to Join the Olavivo Affiliate Program?

While specific requirements may vary, Olavivo often looks for websites or social media channels with a relevant audience base and a history of compliance with affiliate marketing regulations.