TORO Advertising

TORO Advertising positions itself as a team of knowledgeable experts in the performance marketing industry. They offer a diverse range of programs across various industries, all promising high gains with minimal risks. Their comprehensive solution for affiliate marketers encompasses robust marketing tools, tracking, and reporting, as well as dedicated professionals looking to help you succeed. This review sheds more light on the affiliate network and why it is a good choice for experienced marketers.

What Makes TORO Advertising an Ideal Business Partner?

Established in 2012 and operating from offices in Argentina and Spain, TORO Advertising is a part of EXOGROUP, a group of companies in the digital business space. The network operates globally in over 90 countries, giving affiliates access to all kinds of deals suitable for a diverse audience. The platform provides thousands of offers in niches like business, mobile content, sweepstakes, dating, education, and so on.

To achieve their goal of simplifying the marketing process and ensuring profit for affiliates, they go beyond delivering top deals. This affiliate marketing network has an impressive set of performance optimisation tools, including smart links for targeted marketing, robust tracking and reporting for real-time optimisation, and an advanced anti-fraud system.

But the tools aren’t the only upside, TORO prides itself on having a team of experts with adequate knowledge of the performance marketing landscape. These dedicated managers help affiliates monitor and optimise their campaigns in real-time, delivering top-notch performance and results.

TORO Advertising offers a range of traffic monetisation methods tailored to suit various audience segments and traffic sources. Aside from display ads, native advertising, or mobile campaigns, affiliates enjoy the utmost flexibility by choosing custom ad scripts to be developed by the team.


Commission Models

TORO Advertising offers many commission models, they include CPA (Cost Per Action), CPL (Cost Per Lead), CPI (Cost Per Install), and CPS (Cost Per Sale).

Commission Rates

The commission rates depend on the specific offer and brand. Additionally, affiliates can earn 5% referral commissions when they bring new affiliates to the network.


TORO Advertising specialises in various verticals such as e-commerce, finance, health and wellness, gaming, and more.


As a global platform, the TORO Advertising affiliate network operates in over 90 countries, providing affiliate opportunities to marketers worldwide.

Payment Methods

The affiliate network has major payment options, including wire transfer, PayPal, Payoneer, and Skrill, ensuring affiliates can choose the most convenient option for receiving their earnings.

Minimum Payout

TORO Advertising has a minimum payout threshold of $50 for all commission models and payment methods.

Payment Frequency

Affiliates in the TORO Advertising network can expect steady payment cycles, with payouts typically processed every month.

Cookie Duration

Cookie durations vary depending on the program.

Affiliate Support Type

TORO Advertising provides dedicated affiliate managers to provide personalized assistance in 6+ languages. Support is available via online chat as well.


What Are the Requirements for Joining TORO Advertising as an Affiliate?

To be eligible, applicants must demonstrate prior experience with a reputable network. TORO verifies this by reviewing your past 4 months’ performance stats and payment confirmations. Unfortunately, affiliates without validated experience will not be accepted.

What Types of Offers Does TORO Advertising Provide?

TORO Advertising boasts a vast offer selection, featuring various campaign categories beyond just the typical. They cover mobile content, surveys, educational and business opportunities, dating, and much more. This allows affiliates to target diverse audiences and find offers aligned with their niche.

How Much Can I Earn with TORO Advertising?

The network promises high payouts through its Cost Per Action (CPA) model. However, specific earnings depend on factors like chosen offers and conversion rates. Working with premium advertisers ensures potentially higher payouts compared to other networks.

Does TORO Advertising Offer Any Support to Affiliates?

TORO Advertising has dedicated account managers who assist affiliates. Additionally, their platform includes various resources, like reporting tools and tutorials. This comprehensive approach can be beneficial, especially if you are a beginner in affiliate marketing.

Are There Any Restrictions on Traffic Sources for Promoting TORO Advertising Offers?

Yes, TORO Advertising restricts some traffic methods. While full details are in their terms, common limitations include creating fake clicks or conversions, spam emails, misleading ads, and similar sources. Always check their guidelines to ensure your traffic source complies to avoid suspension.