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Best Gambling Affiliate Networks in 2024

iGaming brands cannot overstate the opportunity to accelerate business growth by partnering with the best gambling affiliate networks and providing affiliate program for marketers to promote online casinos and sports betting sites. Affiliates, on the other side, have numerous opportunities to earn lucrative commissions by promoting these brands and their offerings. As the online gambling industry expands, both affiliates and advertisers can benefit from the revenue generated from advertising efforts on the internet.

Affiliate Networks

Kawaii Partners


Kawaii Partners excels as an affiliate in the iGaming industry, known for its exceptional performance. It boasts a solid reputation, offering diverse payment options, assured payouts, and an impeccable platform.

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What Are Gambling Affiliate Networks and How Do They Work?

The key question for beginners is: how does sportsbook or casino affiliate marketing work? Affiliate marketing is a popular form of online advertising where marketers (affiliates or publishers) get paid in commissions for promoting a company’s products or services. This form of performance-based marketing is highly effective in the online gambling niche, allowing affiliates to promote iGaming products to players through networks or online marketplaces that connect advertisers with marketers.

Here is a quick summary of how gambling affiliate marketing networks work:

  1. A publisher finds an online marketplace or network with advertisers (online casino or sportsbook operators) in the online gambling niche.
  2. The marketer looks for a gaming platform and joins its affiliate gambling program.
  3. Next, the affiliate gets a unique affiliate link and shares it with potential casino players or sports punters on social media, blogs, websites, or YouTube videos.
  4. The publisher gets paid through revenue share, cost per action (CPA), or other pricing models for convincing players to take specific actions, such as signing up, depositing money, playing real-money online casino games, or engaging in sports betting.

Are Affiliate Programs for Online Casinos Profitable for Affiliates and Brands?

Promoting gambling products can be profitable for affiliate marketers and brands alike. Research shows that the global online gambling market will be valued at $107.30 billion in 2024. Factors contributing to this growth include the convenience of mobile gambling. As projections estimate that revenue will continue to grow, the number of affiliates tapping into this lucrative market and earning money promoting online games and sportsbooks will significantly increase.

Brands also have an opportunity to advertise through affiliate gambling programs. These include companies that offer online casino games and sports betting services. With attractive gambling offers and the help of publishers, casinos and sportsbooks can drive revenue at low costs, based on performance.

Types of Online Gambling Affiliate Programs

Online Casino Affiliate Networks
Sports Betting Affiliate Networks
Poker Affiliate Networks

Online Casino Affiliate Networks

Most online gambling fans visit iGaming sites to play casino games for real money. Marketers can advertise to this audience by joining the best casino affiliate programs that offer lucrative revenue models. This means choosing networks with gambling companies looking to market virtual casino games, instant win games, online slots, and jackpot games. Most casino brands offer table titles and live dealer games, which they can market using affiliate programs on various networks.

Sports Betting Affiliate Networks

With an increasing number of sports bettors gambling online, there are numerous marketing opportunities for affiliates. As of 2024, the sports betting industry is expected to reach a revenue of $49.96 billion. Millions of users in this market have more major sporting events and different types of sports to bet on. By joining a gambling affiliate program, marketers can get a share of sports bets while promoting the services of online sportsbooks to punters across the globe.

Poker Affiliate Networks

Poker is one of the most popular online casino games that requires both luck and skill to win. Due to its increasing fan base, many networks allow publishers to promote affiliate offers to poker players. A good casino brand will not only offer different types of this popular gambling game but also provide a reliable affiliate program with decent commissions for marketers who bring in new gamblers to online poker rooms.

Top 7 Best Gambling Affiliate Networks and Programs

The global online gambling market is booming, with new and established iGaming operators looking to attract new gamblers through affiliate marketing strategies. There are numerous affiliate networks and programs that allow marketers to generate passive income by promoting casino games, sports betting sites, and gambling offers.
The available advertising platforms in the gambling niche differ in terms of their verticals, payment methods, commission rates, and pricing models. Whether you are an affiliate marketer or an iGaming brand, you can join any of the top affiliate networks recommended by our experts. We have reviewed the best ones and discussed their offers below.


The CPAKitchen network is a good starting point for internet users searching for CPA-based affiliate offers. More than 5,300 affiliates on this platform have access to 31 brands from direct advertisers in the gambling vertical, including casino, poker, and sports betting sites. The network also offers revenue share, CPL, and hybrid commission structures besides the CPA pricing model.

Publishers on the CPAKitchen gambling affiliate marketing network are provided with real-time statistics to monitor traffic flow, transactions, and conversions. Moreover, the platform accepts various traffic sources and offers smart tools for site monetisation. Affiliates can receive their commissions via cryptocurrency, WebMoney, wire transfer, NETELLER, and Skrill.

Our Verdict About CPAKitchen

Joining the CPAKitchen network as an affiliate can be beneficial since there are several brands to promote and high-converting verticals. Whether you want to join a sportsbook or casino affiliate program, there’s something for you. The platform also offers various banking options and delivers on-time payments within 7 days. However, there’s a shortage of brands that specialise in poker.

Chilli Partners

Chilli Partners is a popular gambling affiliate network that allows publishers to work directly with advertisers. It allows the top global casino brands to promote their services and generate leads from experienced marketers. Online casino affiliate programs on this platform offer CPA, revenue share, and hybrid deals. The network’s knowledgeable staff is available to provide any marketing resources you require.

Affiliates at Chilli Partners can choose from flexible pricing plans and enjoy up to 50% commission. Publishers can also earn more money by inviting other marketers through an affiliate program. Payments are processed monthly, but trusted partners can have their earnings released every week under special terms. The available withdrawal methods include bank transfers, Skrill, and Bitcoin.

Our Verdict About Chilli Partners

Chilli Partners is a great choice for publishers and online casinos looking to advertise casino gambling products. The benefits of being an affiliate partner on this network include attractive commissions, weekly payments, exclusive casino offers, and 24/7 customer support. Note that affiliates need to have at least €100 in earnings to cash out.

Vortex Alpha

Vortex Alpha is a UK-based network with some of the best casino affiliate programs. It appeals to thousands of publishers from different parts of the world, including Europe, Australia, Canada, and the United States. Website owners, bloggers, influencers, content creators, and email marketers can find high-converting gambling offers on the platform. They can help brands generate revenue and earn commissions through CPA, CPL, and revenue share models. The main verticals include casino, bingo, cryptocurrency, insurance, finance, and shopping.

There are several payment plans at Vortex Alpha, including monthly, bi-monthly, and weekly payments. Affiliates can be paid via PayPal, Capitalist, Paxum, MassPay, WebMoney, Skrill, Bitcoin, Payoneer, Bank Transfer, or even an Amazon Gift Card. If you have any issues, you can quickly contact your dedicated account manager for help.

Our Verdict About Vortex Alpha

Vortex Alpha is one of the best networks for brands and publishers in the online gambling industry. Finding a suitable casino affiliate program on the website is easy, and marketers can choose from various verticals besides gambling. Other reasons to join include dedicated account managers, high conversion rates, tailored campaigns, and advanced marketing tools. When it comes to the downsides, affiliates can only choose from three languages to sign up.


The Paynura online gambling affiliate marketing network focuses on poker, casinos, sportsbooks, trading, and e-wallets. Although it is based in Europe, this online marketplace caters to partners from all over the world. More than 300 gaming affiliates have already registered with the platform. By joining a gambling affiliate program at Paynura, marketers can earn commissions from referred players as well as sub-affiliates.

Marketers at Paynura have access to flexible RevShare deals, and CPA offers are also available on request. In addition, there are multiple payment methods, such as Skrill, NETELER, and Bitcoin. One interesting fact about this network is that marketers can get paid on request. With Paynura’s detailed reporting system, it is easy to monitor deposits, commissions, revenue, and campaign performance

Our Verdict About Paynura

Paynura is a reliable casino affiliate marketing network that also covers other gambling verticals like sports betting and poker. Its most attractive features include flexible revenue share offers, fast payouts, marketing tools, and dedicated support via email, Skype, WhatsApp, Telegram, and live chat.

Ace Revenue

Since 2009, the Ace Revenue gambling affiliate marketing network has been providing publishers with the support they need to promote casino brands and earn commissions. Each marketer gets a unique link and marketing tools to help advertise gambling affiliate offers to players. Moreover, reports are updated in real time to ensure accurate monitoring of impressions, clicks, and conversions.

The Ace Revenue team helps affiliates achieve their financial goals by offering custom revenue share payment plans. Commission rates range from 25% to 40% of net deposits, depending on the number of referred players. Payments are processed every month with a minimum payout threshold of US $500.

Our Verdict About Ace Revenue

There are many reasons for gambling affiliate marketing enthusiasts to join the Ace Revenue network. These include enticing commission rates, timely payments, and excellent customer support service. Moreover, there is no negative carryover, but the network’s minimum withdrawal amount of $500 is relatively high for many affiliates.

Entain Partners

The Entain Partners platform is committed to helping gaming brands locate new players with captivating gambling offers. Top-performing affiliates on the network have a chance to earn huge commissions through casino affiliate marketing. They can also choose from high-ranking casinos with attractive welcome offers for new players.
The commission amount you can earn when you join a gambling affiliate program at Entain Partners ranges from 25% to 35%. Your earnings depend on the number of successful sign-ups. Over 10,000 publishers have already joined the network, earning more than €6 million in monthly commissions through customised affiliate deals.

Our Verdict About Entain Partners

Publishers looking for favourable gambling affiliation commissions have Entain Partners as one of the best networks. Once you sign up, you can choose your preferred casino affiliate program from a variety of options. The good news is that commission rates can be as high as 35% of revenue share offers. The challenging part is that you need over 300 sign-ups to qualify for the highest payout.

Betsson Group Affiliates

With over 60 years of experience, the Betsson Group offers an exclusive affiliate marketing program. If you join as a publisher, you can promote a wide range of gambling offers to direct players to industry-leading gaming brands. Affiliates can earn from 25% to 45% commissions through revenue share, CPA, and hybrid deals.
Betson accepts various payment methods that are also popular in the online gambling industry. Commissions are paid every month through Skrill, NETELLER, Payz, and bank wire transfers. As far as reporting is concerned, statistics for clicks and impressions are available in real time. Moreover, users who need help can contact the support team via email or live chat.

Our Verdict About Betsson Group Affiliates

Betsson Group offers a world-class online gambling affiliate marketing platform that most publishers would want to join. It provides the necessary resources, such as brand logos and marketing tools, to help your advertising reach its full potential. Not only that, but there are several gambling site affiliate programs with exciting commissions. Before registering for any programs, we advise affiliates to check if the available regions fit their target market.

Commission Models Offered by Gambling Affiliate Networks

Each affiliate network is unique, so you can expect a significant difference in the available commission structures. The main factors that determine the appropriate commission method include the niche, your target audience or markets, your resources, and the marketing strategy you intend to use. You can choose the right one for your blog or website by experimenting with various options.

Most online gambling affiliate programs use the widely popular revenue share pricing model. In this case, publishers get a percentage of the revenue generated by referred gamblers. Cost per action or CPA is another popular commission structure where affiliates earn a fixed amount of money when their referrals register with a casino or sportsbook and deposit. A hybrid program that combines the two different pricing structures is also available on some networks. Although not as common, other pricing models available in the iGaming space include cost per lead (CPL) and cost per click (CPC).

Benefits of Joining Gambling Affiliate Networks

Diverse Revenue Streams

Online gambling and betting are one of the most potent and lucrative online businesses. This is a multibillion-dollar industry where affiliate marketers and the brands they advertise for can generate revenue from different types of gambling activities. Both parties can diversify their income streams by promoting various verticals and products such as casino games, sports betting, bingo, poker, keno, and eSports.

Reporting and Tracking Tools

The best gambling site affiliate programs provide publishers with everything they need under one roof. For instance, they offer reporting and tracking tools for monitoring the actions of referred players, clicks, conversions, and commission amounts. As a result, gambling affiliates and advertisers can measure the success of their marketing campaigns and make informed decisions to improve performance based on the insights gained from accurate data.

High Commission Rates

A good return on investment is one of the major keys to success in affiliate marketing. Online gambling companies earn money through this form of advertising by attracting new players, and they pay affiliates generously for promoting gambling products to customers based on their performance. Most sportsbook and casino affiliate programs offer lucrative revenue share and CPA commission structures. However, some platforms offer a hybrid program that allows gambling affiliates to benefit from one-time and lifetime commissions.

Marketing Support and Resources

The most recommended affiliate networks in the online gambling scene provide the required support and resources. They have dedicated account managers who offer timely support to partners. Moreover, top-rated affiliate platforms ensure that all gambling affiliates have access to the required marketing tools. They offer programs with the necessary banners, content, and landing pages to improve your marketing efforts.

Pros and Cons of Joining a Gambling Affiliate Networks

  • A variety of gambling affiliate offers
  • Cost-effective marketing based on performance
  • Decent commissions for gambling affiliates
  • Access to thousands of affiliates and global brands
  • Effective marketing tools and dedicated support
  • Various commission structures
  • Opportunities to earn recurring commissions
  • Some gambling networks cover few verticals
  • Varying gaming and marketing laws in different regions
  • Stiff competition due to market saturation

Tips for Affiliates to Increase Their Earnings

Players who come to a casino or sports betting brand through affiliate marketers on networks are more likely to take action. This is due to the trust people have in recognised marketing platforms and publishers. While most of these sites offer attractive commission rates, marketers for casinos and sportsbooks can boost their potential earnings by taking a few steps.

First of all, we recommend joining top-rated networks with a broad range of gambling offers. Secondly, it is important to choose affiliate gambling platforms with high commission rates. Marketers should also experiment with different pricing structures, create compelling content for affiliate sites, and use search engine optimisation (SEO) for their content to rank highly in search engines. Affiliates should keep in mind that analysing the results and optimising current marketing strategies is crucial for improving the performance of any campaign.

Earn Passive Income or Promote Your iGaming Business with the Best Gambling Affiliate Networks

Online gambling affiliate marketing networks provide a conducive environment for iGaming business operators to find marketers for their products and services. The top casinos and sportsbooks leverage these marketplaces to generate more revenue from referred players. On the other hand, publishers can join affiliate programs on these platforms to earn commissions while promoting slots, bingo, table games, poker, sports betting, and other profitable verticals.

Implementing the right marketing strategies can help a publisher create an effective gambling affiliate campaign for any brand. This includes creating compelling content, using SEO tactics, and taking advantage of the promotional tools provided by affiliate networks to track and optimise campaigns. With that said, you can get started today by joining the top gambling affiliate networks we have recommended on this page.


What Is an Affiliate Gambling Network?

An online gambling affiliate marketing network is a platform that brings iGaming brands and publishers together. Such a marketplace offers various affiliate programs that marketers can join and earn commissions from by advertising casino and sports betting websites.

How to Find the Best Gambling Affiliate Networks?

The most trusted affiliate networks we have recommended here have offers in the legal online gambling industries. Other key factors we have considered during our review process include enticing commissions, a wide range of gambling products, and high-converting offers.

Is Gambling Affiliate Marketing Profitable?

Publishers can earn good amounts of money if they choose the right casino affiliate programs. The same applies to gambling affiliates for sportsbooks. Commission amounts can reach thousands of dollars per month, depending on your performance, niche, and pricing model.

How Do I Join a Gambling Affiliate Network?

We advise you to examine our list of the best gambling affiliate programs we have recommended. The next step is to choose your preferred sportsbook or casino affiliate program and join. You will receive an affiliate link that you can share with gamblers.

What Are Gambling Affiliate Programs?

Sports betting or casino affiliate programs provide commission structures through which publishers are paid for promoting gambling brands, games, or offers. Publishers can choose from several affiliate programs on one network.

Which Products Can I Promote with a Gambling Affiliate Program?

Gambling affiliate programs and networks allow marketers to promote the services offered by online casino sites and sportsbooks. Partners can use them to advertise different types of casino games and sports betting offers to interested players or sports bettors.